Site Updates

Just finished the pages, About and I’ve adding a picture of, Tortie on the Randomness page so I’m not as lazy as I thought. Happy Easter everyone and thanks for coming by. Now off toi studying for my database test on Tuesday.

Xbox 360

I am a fan of video games and mostly of the ones from my growing up like the NES and the Genesis but I like the original Playstation and the original xbox. I did just get me a used Xbox 360 mostly for the Mortal Kombat reboot. I grew up on mortal Kombat and I

Enter Tortie

Well I adopted a new cat, a pastel Tortise Shell, I call her Tortie for short. Ugg isn’t pleased so it feelings have been hostile so far. I hope things settle. I have them separated for now and I’m watching Ugg if by chance the cross path.