KungFu Stories

One of my friends suggested an ideal and I’m going to implement it since I’m in this academic purgatory fright now about C170. I’ve decided to add a KungFu stories page on the site to document all the origin stories of some styles of KungFu I’ve learned or read about. One of my friends reading

First Wing Chun video

I finally found my fist Wing Chun video I did of the first form, Sil Lim Tau or Little ideal. It’s not a first class performance but you get the ideal plus it was my first one ever. I think it was done 2 years ago.Check the Wing Chun page.

Back to life

Now that I’m in a good finish spot on my classes and my xbox 360 discovery, I can focus on other things like finishing the Pek Kwar Broadsword form which I should post my demo here soon. It has a front roll in it and due to my constant fear of decapitation, I may not


ok back on the college progress, since I’ve survive the “class from hell”, I’ve been working on the successor which is the Applications part mainly writing scripts for databases that pull info from them. So far I’m half thru. I’ve done all the reading, I just need to do the quizes and work on the


Sorry for neglecting the site but the class from Hell needed extra attention and now that it’s over and I can breathe I figure it’s time to get going on some stuff here like the Kungfu videos. There’s a cool Pek Kwar sword form I wanna show since nobosy knows what it is and possible