Wing Chun Kungfu

I’m a student of Wing Chun Kungfu, which is a southern Chinese martial art. The true history of Wing Chun is disputed since it was passed down verbally with no written record. The true history of the art is here. I study the Ip Man lineage of the art. There are other lineages but I choose the Ip Man lineage because Ip Man is credited to have popularized the art and Bruce Lee studied under him so I think that gives the lineage creditibility. Ip Man taught both the skills and the philosophy behind the art to his students. The Ip Man lineage is 3 hand form, 2 weapons, and the wooden dummy form. It is much lesson material to learn but I think it is the best. Wing Cun teaches infighting (fighting close range) and it is very direct and very fast. It teaches student to move with relaxed muscles because a relaxed muscle moves more efficiently than a tensed one. Moves are simple and direct meaning the move moves from start to finish in the most direct path without flashy or uneccessary movement. Wing Chun doesn’t not have any flashy or showy kicks or acrobatic moves.


I’m including a video of grandmaster Ip Man performing the Wing Chun hands forms and the wooden dummy form. It was filmed several weeks before his death in 1972. He wanted a film in order to preserve the art.

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